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Update to JPI, base changes implemented with December genetic evaluations. For details, view "This Month in Jersey Genomics" webinar on demand.

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Jerseys Best for Dairy Sustainability
. To produce the same amount of milkfat, protein and
other solids as Holsteins, Jerseys use 32% less water, 11% less land, and
have a 20% lower carbon footprint
  Learn more, report also available in Spanish.


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  • GO TO now to register and transfer animals or run Official Performance Pedigrees and other animal reports.
  • User's Manual with instructions for creating a User ID and Password

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For reports, see Green Book Online.

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Jersey Youth and Student Projects

If you are doing research for a display or school project, be sure to also look for information about the Jersey breed provided in other sections (In The Headlines, Reference, Performance Recognitions).

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Protein and Product Yields

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